Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another trip coming up...

Once again, we are in the final stages of preparing for yet, another fun family trip. This time, to Biloxi, Ms. I mentioned in an earlier post what the main reason for this trip is for. We hope Hubby gets this eye surgery. I will let you know upon our return. We will be leaving out on July 26th and we will return on August 6th. Nearly two weeks out of town. I am actually looking forward to another family trip. Even tho this is not a vacation, we do plan on making the most of it and doing some fun things while there. A day or two or more at the beach comes to mind....oh and casinos. Lol....as well as a day at a horse ranch, which was originally intended soley for our Daugther's entertainment, but let's face it, I love horses too! Not much going on this week, aside from prepping for this trip. I need to pack up, tidy my home, (since I NEVER leave out on trips with an untidy place to come home to) wash the dogs, go to a friend's pool party Saturday and run quite a few errands that need to be ran this week for various reasons. Busy, but not too busy. Still time for visiting with friends and laying out to catch a tan before heading to the Biloxi beach.... Something I never really understood, but I seem to have adopted the habit that many women are guilty of: tanning before going on trips and vacations where beaches are. I guess we just want to blend in better with the tan, sun kissed people.
A total change of subject:
Anyone who is interested in the new Harry Potter movie, but has yet to see it: It was awesome!!! Sad, but awesome. Go see it, it is worth the money, but make sure to take that bathroom break before the movie starts, as it is two and a half hours long. Oh and best not to buy that extra large drink...
I hope you all are having a good week so far. Hugs and God bless!