Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks to those of you....

.....who have been a great support and encouragement to me the past few weeks leading up to my surgery. Tomorrow's the big day. Yes, I'm pretty nervous, but there is also a strange calmness. I think it may just be acceptance that this is something that can't be avoided and that whatever happens, happens. I know I would be a bigger wreck, if it hasn't been for those of you who have been praying for me and been so encouraging and supportive. Today, I cleaned my house inside out, upside down and all the ways in between. I cleaned partly because I am trying to keep busy so I won't dwell on the near future and partly because, well, who wants to be in an untidy, messy house when they aren't their 100 percent best? Especially, if you CAN'T clean.....might as well clean up while I can....I don't think I can prepare any more than I already have. I bought easy to prepare meals for the next few days, for my hubby and daughter and a few "soft" food items for myself. The house is cleaned, the laundry folded and put away, the dishes done, the trash taken out, a small suitcase bag filled with things to take with me to the hospital and last, first, between and NEVER least, I have prayed...check, check, check, check...not much else to do, now. Well, now that all my chores are finished, I'm kinda sittin' here, reflecting and trying NOT to think about tomorrow....VERY hard to do. So, I'm gonna hop off here and watch a movie. Have a good one everyone and again, thanks so much for your prayers and warm words of encouragement! Please, keep praying.....Hugs and God bless,