Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update on Surgery

Hey all! Surgery went as well as could be expected and I'm still breathing so that's a relief! I went in last Tuesday with my hubby and daughter and they were a huge support. I had to show up at 1:15 and it took a lil' over an hour, from the time we arrived to the time I was on the table, before I was put under. Wow...that anethesia is awesome! The anesthesiologist put together a great lil' concoction for me and I didn't feel a thing. The whole surgery took about two hours, I was told. They did tons of fun stuff to me while I was under, such as run a scope down my throat to check everything out, lazer off a bump towards the back of my throat, well more to the right side the uvula (the hangy down thingy) and cut out a lymph node from the side of my neck close to my jaw line. The Dr's not only an ENT, but he also specializes in cosmetic surgery, so the scar should be a minimal as can be, which is a nice lil' topper. The test results will come in at some point this week, and I guess we'll find out if all is well or if there is something else that needs treatment....scary thoughts fly through my head, as I think of all the aweful things that could be or might not be at all...Pray that all is well! Tomorrow, I go back to the Dr, for my post op and to get these wierd blue stitches taken out of the side of my neck. I look like the bride of Frankenstien! Sorry, no pics taken and no plans on taking any pics! Lol...there are only a precious few who have had the horror of seeing my stitches: Dr's and nurses, Hubby and Daughter and a couple friends and that's it.
That's all for now on the surgery was Father's Day and I and my Daughter pampered Daddy and made him feel special. We made him breakfast in bed: scrambled jalepeno eggs, toast and bacon and juice with a couple cards on the tray. Later, we took him to see that Star Trek movie, he's been wanting to see since before it came out and then tonight, we had grilled out steaks. OMG, so good! Today was the first day, I was actually feeling good, so I'm glad I was able to pamper hubby some. Well, I hope you all had a good weekend. I hope all the Father's out there had a good Father's Day and those who were able to, let their Dad's know what a blessing he is. Have a good one everyone. Hugs and God bless...