Sunday, May 31, 2009

Employers, always check prospective employees' references:Oober Creepy

Ok, so here we are in Disney world!!! Love it and having a wonderful, awesome time so far. Just got here yesterday and we are staying in a beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath house with a pool. No complaints, whatsoever. So relaxing and very nice here and the peaple, omg, the people are really friendly around here! All in all, the experience so far is great! We are staying in today, to swim and relax and then tomorrow, we begin the Disney World festivities.
So, there was this one itty bitty, teensy weensy, really oober creepy thing that did happen to us yesterday. We got in our diggs for the week, unpacked, swam to our heart's content and then we got hungry, so we decided to go out to Sonny's BBQ and then grab groceries and head back to the house. I have been craving some good BBQ for a few weeks now, so when we found there was a Sonny's here, we had to go, even if that meant going thru a toll road (which, BTW, there are way too many toll roads in Florida, IMHO). So, we go in Sonny's, are greeted by friendly staff, are seated at a comfy booth and we look at the menues and are ready to order and then it happens. The creepiest resturaunt experience of our lives and I am not exagerating by any means. The waitress comes over to our table. I choose to not mention her name here, for safety reasons, but I will say for YOUR safety to avoid a waitress that looks like what I'm fixing to describe, should you ever dine at Sonny's BBQ in Kissimmee, FL. She was a hispanic lady or about 40-ish, (I'm not racist, as I am half hispanic, so don't get any ideas) she looked to be no taller than 5'2", she had very short, thick, black hair, peppered with a few greys here and there. Her face was long and pale and she had brown eyes that were big and round and looked like they could pop out of her head, if she were to be surprised, 'cause she already had that naturally surprised expression, so her eyes prolly shouldn't get any wider, for that reason alone. Now, it wasn't her look that was creepy. I never ever judge a book by it's cover and I never ever criticize a person's looks, unless they creep the heck outta me. And really, I'm just trying to give an accurate desription so the rest of you can be on the lookout for a crazy person (her in particular) if ever you go to that resturaunt.
So, she comes up, ever so quietly, that we didn't notice her until she said hello and I was startled a lil' bit. I wanted to put a bell around her neck....I quickly recover. We are all hungry and ready to give our order, and this lady, kneels down and starts talking to Daughter. No biggie, I'm cool with ppl chatting with my girl, but it seems after the next 10 minutes that the waitress took a keen interest in our Daughter. A lil' too keen. She also went on and on about herself, when she was a kid, growing up in Mexico and how she had longer hair than our Daughter's and blah, BLAH.....BLAH!!! She went on and on and on and I'm fairly certain she was ignoring our loudly grumbling tummies on purpose, so she could chat with our Daughter and compare childhood notes. Ugh....finally, she asks us what we want to drink by asking our Daughter FIRST. Then she asks our Daughter what her mommy and daddy want. WTH?!?! And Daughter looks at us with the same expression. WTH?!?!?! So, we politely tell the waitress our drink order. We are now expecting this long winded waitress, who won't stop talking to our Daughter, to take our dinner orders. No! She continues to talk about herself, but now, she's talking about how she used to be in the Air Force and she had this high security job and how she was a firefighter but now she works at Sonny's (ya, I find all this hard to believe.....) and I don't know if she's trying to impress our lil' girl, or what, but none of us gave a rat's tail about it and Daughter was, by this time, making a grab for her crayons, so she could color on the fun sheet and tune the lady out and the creepy waitress kept on and still wasn't taking the hint. She finally stopped yammering long enough to ask our Daughter FIRST, yet again, what she wanted to order and then she actually asked me and Hubby what we wanted. She then went back to ignoring us and instead of going and taking our order to the kitchen, like any good waitress would have done, she kneels back down next to Daughter and wants to help her figure out the cross word puzzle!!! OMG!!!! We came here to eat, lady, get our stinkin' food, NOW!!! She was there playing around and jabbering on about herself, for about 15 minutes, from the time she first came over to get our drink and food order to the time she left to give the kitchen our order!!! Did she have any other tables to look after?!?!?! It was aweful, people. Now, this continues through out the whole dining experience. She brings the drinks and yammers on and on and then leaves and then another gal brings our food, thank GOODNESS, but throughout our meal, this waitress kept stopping by our table to play with our Daugther and it was starting to really creep us out. It went from annoying and aggravating, to flat our creepy. We soon realized this lady was way too much into our Daughter. As in, she seemed to want to keep our Daugther for her very own and make her call her Mommy Dearest and stuff me in the back alley somewhere in a trash sack and marry my hubby.....There were four times she didn't even actually come up to our table to talk to us or our Daughter, but she would stand behind us, a few feet back and STARE and smile at our Daughter. Ever try to eat while someone is watching you? Yeah....very uncomfortable. One of the times she was doing her starting bit, she started to make faces at our Daughter and was doing some strange stuff with her fingers at her. My daughter was sitting beside me and my hubby was opposite us, so his back was towards her and he couldn't see what she was doing but could sense it (like how the back of your beck hairs stand on end when something terrible is behind you), but I could see and he kept muttering at me, "Is she gone yet? Is she playing games with our Daughter?" since Daughter was laughing and giggling and looking at this waitres standing there staring at her and making faces and not eating her food. Hubby tells her to eat her food. And then, get this, the waitress comes over and starts bashing me! She says to my Daughter, "Look at mommy, she not going to share her okra with you." or, "I hope mommy spends time with you this week and actually swims with you. She should. You need to, right mommy? Right???" Or, "Mommy, needs to eat more and so should you, you need to finish that macaroni. Oh yes, there you go. Good girl, good job..." Omg. Now, she's royaly ticking me off. I want her to dissapear and I want another waitress. She's a freak and she's freaking me out! And not to mention the fact that she's being SO darn attentive to Daughter or making lil jab comments at me but she neglects to ask us how the meal is and if we need drink refills or anything, when it was so obvious Hubby's drink was empty... In between her being absent, I tell hubby,"I just know she's gonna ask where we live, so she can hunt us down and kidnap our Daughter." Sure enough, my intuition proves accurate. When she brought the check, amongst all her chatter, she wanted to know where we were from. I told her some random state, but then she wants to know where in that state, I told her the east part of that state. But that's not good enough for her. She wants to know what town!!! WTH?!?!?! I lie and tell her a random city in this random state. I'm thinking I'm in the clear, but no. She then wants to know exactly where we are staying and what address!!!! Yes!!!! I lie again and tell her we don't know because we haven't gotten there yet...but does she accept this? No.... she wants to know what town we are staying in around here. I tell her a lie and say somewhere in a town close to here that I remember seeing on our way here. Now, I don't believe in lying. I believe it's wrong, wrong, wrong, BUT, if you feel your safety's at stake and you don't want to tick off an unstable person, you politely lie to save your skin......your Daughter's skin. So, she then wants to know how long we are staying here and when we will be back to see her. I lie again and say we are here for three weeks (really, just a week)and that yes, we will of course just love to come back and see her next week(not!!!). I know, I know....I just don't want to make the crazy lady mad, or her try to track us down and knock on our door and want to know why we didn't come visit her, or why in the world we gave her only a three dollar tip. Lol.....
Update on wellness: It's perfect weather here! Sunny and bright. Got up at 7:30 and fixed Daughter and I breakfast and let hubby sleep in. Hubby's still asleep and it's almost 10 am here, but She and I are out by the pool. Well, I'm out by the pool on the lap top and watching Daughter swim around. :-) Should make for a relaxing day. We are gonna swim for quite a bit, then have steaks for dinner. So, far this vacation's pretty nice! We will not be returning to Sonny's BBQ here tho.....I try to keep my vacations creepy free. Have a good one and God bless....