Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am now 110% not for the open faced cellies

Nothing against the actual ppl who use these open faced cellphones, and maybe they work for that particular individual, but my interactions in the past with these type phones, whether they are mine or someone else's has been, some what, a pain in the neck. So, here's a lil' story to explain why I am now, as of today, 110% against them. I was sleeping ever so peacfully this morning, dreaming an excellent dream about an awesome house with all kinds of secret passageways and rooms and so on (my favorite kind of dream, seriously). Of course, when anyone is having a ritiously awesome, splendiferous dream, they don't want to be awakened. And I am sure you can tell where this is leading, but I'm gonna go ahead and rant about it. So, I was suddenly and rudely awakened this morning by my phone (flip phone, thank goodness) and I see it's my friend, B. Well, it's ridiculously early and so I don't answer and just go back to bed, figuring that he prolly, once again accidently called me, because he sticks the open faced phone in his pocket and it jingle jangles around in there and calls ppl up ALL THE TIME, without his knowledge or permission. The naughty phone... So, I go back to bed, ignoring the call and go back to sleep.....*RING RING*!!! (but not really *ring ring* since my ring tone is a song), so I'm now thinking, "Crap! It must be an emergency, if he's calling again so soon. I guess I need to get up and see what's going on." And so, I scamper out of bed and answer the phone.."Hello!!!"...... Nothing but dead air answers me..."#$%@*, well, fine then! I'm going back to bed." I'm having a hard time falling back to sleep and it takes me a bit and I am starting to doze off into that comfy in between phase, right before you actually hit the REM cycle....*RING RING.....RING RING...RING RING!!!!!!*....Ugh....I'm NOT getting up I don't. Ten minutes later, *RING RING...RING RING...RING RING!!!!!*, as if the phone is actually screaming at me to get my hind end up and answer it for goodness sake!!!...Dang it, fine, I'm getting up. Maybe THIS TIME it is an actual emergency or something of great importance that he has to call me this A.M. to tell me....I begrudgingly get up because I WANT to and not becuase the phone tells me to and I again, answer the dumb obnoxious cell and once again, feel like a fool, becuase I am answered by dead air....I'm ticked. I'm wide awake now and figure I might as well stay up, since B's phone has become my annoying alarm clock. I put my cell down and head back to the room to go get my Daughter up and eat breakfast, becuase why should SHE get to sleep in? Lol....and then my phone gives me that particular ring tone letting me know I have a voicemail. Hmmmmm.....ok, someone left me a message. I check it and the recording promptly lets me know that B has left me a voice message at such and such time and the then the actual recorded message begins.....dead air. Arrrgh!!!!....Ppl, if you have an open faced phone and it's been known to make phone calls on your behalf without your knowledge, either get one of those handy holders or cases that prevents this from happening to you and the other unfortunate souls that are called again, or get a new celly that flips closed. :-)
Update on today's well being: I'm good, my Daughter's good (dispite my lack of sleep, we are both in chipper moods), it's overcast weather and looks like it wants to rain. We are on our lunch break at the moment: grilled cheese and ham sam'iches. So good!!! School's almost over for the day, just arithmatic left to teach. And then we plan on getting some stuff packed for the big summer family trip to Disney World in a couple days. I hope you all are having a good day so far! Hugs and God bless...