Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well, I guess I should go ahead and christen the new blog with the first post. Since this is basically an online journal, this should be pretty simple. Hmmmmm.....let's see. I've got my pencils all in a row and sharpened and my cute lil nic nacs all set up in such a fashion, just so...I've meditated and I took a power nap, then decided I can't post on an empty stomach, so then I grabbed a quick snack and watched Sponge Bob. I then decided to try to take a bathroom break, just in case.....no since letting Mother Nature interrupt my posting....but wait! Now, I'm thirsty, so I am now sitting here with my sharpened pencils, my nic nacs and my Sprite. I crack my knuckles, stretch and yawn... and stare at the blank screen.... NOW I'm ready....yes, I am a procrastinator. Prolly up in the top 5 worst. But, I'm going to try, really try hard to get the ball rolling.... And here it is, the first post on my brand new blog:

Hello people! If you want to know a bit about me, feel free to scroll down and look at the sum up of who I am, my likes, dislikes and hobbies. I'm married, so back off gents, who are just looking to hook up with some random chick. I've got one lovely Daughter, who just happens to be the other source of entertainment in the home, aside from my hubbs, who ,80% of the time, has me in stitches. I do homeschool her. Fee free to tell me how great or how aweful you think it is....I will be glad to argue the pros and cons. I am not one of those parents that keeps my Daughter from socializing with other kids and ppl. She does get out, thus she is not pale and blind. I also do not believe in throwing the work at her and expecting her to teach herself. I do teach. Unfortunately, a lot of teleivised, stupid retarded ppl who think they homeschool, or so they say they do, make the rest of us homeschooling parents, who actually do a stand up job homeschooling our kids, look bad. I reside in the great state of Georgia, yet I am a true blue Texan and still a resident. How, you may ask? Well, hubby is in the Air Force and thus, we are stationed here. My Daughter, tho born in Texas, has been raised in Georgia. She is a Georgia peach, no doubt. We have been living in Georgia since January 02'. You do the math. We've been here for a lot longer than expected and will be here for a guestimated few more years. I like it here and the only complaint I have is this darn suicidal traffic! When we first moved here, it was pretty ok, large town traffic in a large town. But we have seen this town turn into a small city over the years, the population has nearly doubled, yet the roads have not changed to accomodate the new ppl. It's like squeezing a pig through a coke bottle around here. Frustrating and let me tell you, I don't lie nor exaggerate when I say, I get a tension headache EVERY time I drive or am a passenger around here. Ridiculous. Ok, I digress.....
So, anyways, not much else to say since I've yammered on long enough. I like food. I like Mexican, Italian, Chinese take out and above all steak. Oh yes, STEAK with the fat still on and not trimmed and done medium rare and suateed mushrooms and onions and ranch dressing drizzled on top. Don't knock it till you try it! And I am not a health food nut. None of that healthy crap for me, thanks. Ok, I do like salads, but I like them with tons of shredded cheese, ranch dressing and bacon bits, basically the unhealthy salad. I want to die with clogged arteries and high colesterol and happy. Why die with an empty stomach and miserable? No way...I want to be able to say I LIVED my life! Lol...yes, I agree with all you vegans and vegitarians how sad it is how all those sweet innocent animals died, but it's delicious!
Update on today: Rain....rain and more rain. I have all my chores done. I procrastinated doing my blog by doing my chores. And we finished up on school for my Daughter. It's been a good day, so far.


Kathy said...

Wow! That is quite the post! :)

Whispering Pines said...

Hello my friend! Lovely blog here!

I just want to say, that most of the people who do NOT homeschool have a very warped concept of what it is all about! I'm sure you've heard a many times as me....."You really should deprive your children of socializing, they need school to learn what it's like out there and make friends, who will be their friends" and many more. This is what I say to them, to which a look of shock and dismay crosses their faces and they humbly admit they did't realize that....."There are homeschool groups that the kids get together and do sports and field trips and all kinds of stuff!" Giggle, I love seeing that look on their faces!