Friday, May 29, 2009

MIA for a week :-)

If you could see my face right now...I have a ridiculously cheesy grin that hasn't dissapeared and won't dissapear till we pull up in our driveway on June 7th. We haven't left for Disney World yet, but we'll head out tomorrow morning, not early, but somewhere around 10-ish. I'm already in vacation mode and I'm imagining all the fun things we will be doing while we are in Florida. Oh, but you should see my Daughter! She makes me look normal at this point. She's jumping up and down, bouncing off the walls and literally SCREAMING "I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!" I made this calendar for her a couple months back, leading up to the day we leave for DW...she crossed off her last day today and that's when reality set in for her that this is actually going to happen! See...we had a run of bad luck the first time we planned a trip to Florida. It's kinda sad and well, at the same time, ticks me off...yes, I have a selfish streak and you'll see why by the time I'm finished explaining, so don't judge me! I already know this.
Anyways, a couple years ago...well, right around three years ago, now, I planned our very first family vacation. We never went on a vacation together and here we were, married five years and we never once went on a real family vacation. No, I do not consider family visits a vacation, in fact, by the time we get back from one of those annual family visits, we are exhausted and need a vacation. So, I was bound and determined to have a real vacation, just hubby Daughter and I. So, I thought, "What better vacation that we all can enjoy than going to Orlando?" It was perfect. Hubby would have a blast and it would appeal to children, so I knew Daughter would have fun and I knew I would have a blast too. The dates were set, I booked the condo, paid it in full, bought the tickets to Orlando Studios and a couple other water parks and Sea World and all this was non refundable, if you cancel less than two weeks prior, even in an emergency. I got the vacation insurance and this is what it stated. I figured that was fine and if there was an emergency, surely it wouldn't be less than two weeks before we were to go. So, FOUR DAYS before we are supposed to go on our very first vacation, we get a phone call. My hubby answers and his face just fortells shock and worry. I didn't know what was going on, but my stomach knotted up and I just knew, that the vacation was off. Hubby's family had a family emergency. No one died or anything, but I was so mad, I was so frustrated and mad, I was crying. Ugh, just thinking back on it, some of those old feelings flood back, and I'm still ticked that life has a way of just ruining plans, and not just any old plans, but BIG flippin' plans. So, not only was our first try at having a real vacation completely ruined, we lost over $2,000, in non refundable stuff AND on top of this, we were expected to drive all the way (21 hours) to Hubby's family. We decided not to visit the family that year so we could go on a real vacation for once and here we were, going to visit his family AGAIN. We all were glad that everything was ok when we got there, but at the same time, I didn't see the point of losing a vacation and all that money if everything was fine... made me sick and still does. Ugh.... I still to this day, wish we hadn't just dropped everything to go see hubby's family because it was said that all was ok before hubby even decided he wanted to go see them instead. So...ya, 'lotta pent up feelings over that still. Now you see why I have a selfish streak? I felt like, after all those years, going to see Hubby's family every year and deciding not to go on vacations just so they could see us, that I could be a lil' selfish and do something for us, for once....any other time, I would have dropped everything to see them, no lie, but that was the WORST timing and it cost us so much.
Since then, we have gone on two family vacations (Smokey Mountains, and Tybee Island) and we still manage to go see his family on top of it. This will be our third family vacation. Tho, this time, it's a second try for us to go to Florida and I have had this aweful stressful feeling that something bad is going to happen again, just because we are retrying the Florida trip again and the first time left a bad taste in my mouth. Well, the closer it gets to us leaving, the more excited I get, yet the more worried I get too, that something's gonna happen and we are going to go thru everything we went thru three years ago. Anyways, so I'm gonna wash my worries away, and just keep being ridiculously excited. I'm just glad ya'll can't see my stupid grin. Tee hee!
The sun's out and it's beautiful outside. School's out for the summer!!!! Yay!!! We are gonna kick this summer break off with a BANG!!!!
Have a good one today. Hugs and God bless...